Sieve Construction and Cleaning

The manufacture of sieves is subject to error. This error takes the form of a variation in aperture opening within a sieve as well as from sieve to sieve. This error also varies with the size of the opening, with the coarser sieves generally being more consistent. It is expected that for the finer sieves (less than 100 |im), this error could approach 10%. Thus, all sieve openings represent nominal diameters. The determination of the diameter of material that passes a particular sieve must be determined by calibration, as discussed in the next section.

Sieve cleaning represents one means of ensuring the reproducibility of a sieve. This typically involves use of a brush with the coarser sieves. Finer sieves may require reverse flushing with water or use of an ultrasonic cleaning bath. Ultimately, sieves must be inspected at periodic intervals to make sure that the mesh has not been distorted or damaged in use.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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