S Rr

T = temperature t = time

V = vapour molar internal flow rate v = liquid molar volume

Vol = volume of the stage

V = cumulative vapour production, moles W = moles of material left in the still x = liquid molar fraction y = vapour molar fraction


L, V = liquid and vapour phases

Subscripts z = derivative with respect to z b = evaluate at point b

Greek alphabet

A£ = vector of time-finite element lengths 6 = Lagrange polynomial approximation for the control variables X = Lagrange multipliers for the differential equality constraints v = Lagrange multipliers for the inequality constraints at final conditions $ = Lagrange polynomial approximation for the state variables $ = objective function

Y = term of the objective function evaluated at final conditions

See also: II/Distillation: Historical Development; Instrumentation and Control Systems; Theory of Distillation.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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