Relationships for Pure Cation or Anion Exchange on Weak Electrolyte Resins

In the case of weakly acidic exchange resins there is no exchange of anions. Therefore, the terms for anions in the general equation [24] vanish. For a simple system with H+ andNa+ ions, eqn [21] simplifies to:

In a similar way, there is no exchange of cations by weakly basic exchangers. For the uptake of hydrochloric acid eqn [20] yields:

The uptake of anions by protonated functional groups is equivalent to the exchange of anions for hydroxyl groups:

The subscripts I and II refer to the assumption of either monovalent or divalent functional sites. If a system contains monovalent and divalent counter-ions the entire calculation has to assume divalent functional sites. Equilibrium parameters derived from

A similar theoretical development of the exchange of OH" for Cl" ions leads to the equilibrium relationship:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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