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The HPLC system described above was based on the dimensions of a typical analytical system, otherwise known as 'normal-bore chromatography'. The same basic components and designs are used in both micro-(i.e. column dimensions of 1-2 mm i.d.) and preparative systems, which have much larger column dimensions.

Microchromatographic techniques include microbore, nanobore, and capillary chromatography, which have column inner diameters of 2 to 1 mm, 1 to 0.3 mm, and less than 300 |im, respectively. Most importantly, microchromatographic systems require smaller extra-column volumes than normalbore systems. Hence, great pains should be taken to use the smallest inner-diameter tubing available, zero dead-volume fittings, smaller injection volumes, and smaller detection cell volumes. Microchroma-

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Ion pair chromatography is a widely used reversed phase liquid chromatographic technique for the tographic systems are employed when sample volume is limited.

If compound purification or isolation is intended, preparative chromatography is used. Since a large quantity of material is to be injected in order to isolate a significant quantity of analyte, column capacity and, hence, column diameters are larger. Column diameters in preparative HPLC can be on the order of metres. The high flow rates needed for these large-scale systems require the use of special pumps and larger tubing throughout.

See also: N/Chromatography: Liquid: Derivatization; Detectors: Ultraviolet and Visible Detection; Mechanisms: Ion Chromatography.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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