Principles of CRPC

In column RPC (see Figure 12) there is no vapour space - the stationary phase is placed in a closed circular chamber (column). The volume of stationary phase stays constant along the separation distance and the flow is accelerated linearly by centrifugal force, hence the name 'column' RPC. Because a closed system is used, there is no vapour space and any stationary phase can be used - fine particle size, with or without binder. The rotating planar column has a special geometric design described by eqn [1]

where r = radius of the planar column, h = actual height of the planar column at radius r, a, b, c, and K = constants.

This design eliminates the extreme band-broadening which occurs normally in all circular development techniques, and so combines the advantages of both planar and column chromatography.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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