Sublimation is the direct conversion of a solid to a gas or vapour:

solid + heat n gas or vapour (heat = AHsubl)

The heat supplied in this endothermic process is termed the heat of sublimation (AHsubl). The conditions under which sublimation occurs may be predicted for a given substance from its phase diagram, but in practice it is more common to use typical experimental parameters to determine the optimized procedure.

The heat of sublimation is a crucial parameter in deciding upon the applicability of sublimation to a particular substance, or indeed on the possibility of separating two components in a mixture.

An empirical approach to determining the appropriate temperature and pressure for sublimation can be used based upon previously determined data. The temperature (T, °K) and pressure (P) of sublimation can be related by an expression of the form:

in which the constants A and B for compounds of interest are available from published tables. The

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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