Preparative Paper Chromatography

For a time preparative paper chromatography was an important method for the isolation of substances, leading to comments such as: 'These methods are so well developed today that some laboratories prefer them to the methods of column chromatography'. The simplest methods of preparative paper chromatography were essentially scaled-up versions of the analytical methodology using either several sheets of paper or custom-made preparative cardboards (e.g. Schleicher & Schull 2071). In addition, techniques were developed such as the Chromatopile (a number of discs of filter paper in a tightly compressed stack to form a column, with development by either ascending or descending chromatography), the Chromatopack (strips or sheets of paper pressed together to form a block which was then developed as if it were a single sheet) or rolls of filter paper wound over a core of polyethylene and inserted into a polyethylene column (sometimes these rolls were placed in a pressurized jacket). Using such techniques the preparation of milligram quantities of material was readily achieved.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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