Pre Aeration

Columns, by nature, have low turbulent momentum between the bubbles and particles, meaning that smaller particles have slow flotation kinetics in these vessels. The column is, however, a good separator of bubbles from the feed slurry, especially if wash water is added. This feature virtually eliminates hydrophilic entrainment. In order to improve the collection of fine particles, a pre-aeration system or intense flotation device can be used. These devices act by creating a turbulent zone, where the inertial momentum of both bubbles and particles is high (due to high intensity turbulence and velocity gradients) enabling higher recovery of the smallest floatable particles by microbubbles. If the pressure in the pre-aeration device is substantial, a portion of air is dissolved and then released in a column; normally, nucleation of air bubbles occurs at a solid surface, thus a collision stage of flotation process is eliminated for the cavitation bubbles.

Pre-aeration devices then feed a modified column which acts as a recollection device for the larger particles and a bubble coalescence/separation system.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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