Partition Chromatography

In the past, partition chromatography conducted on paper was a perfect model for establishing optimum extraction systems for alkaloid isolation. In paper chromatography, the system allowing partition conditions is mainly composed of cellulose with an aqueous solvent or an aqueous buffer solution of pH 3-7, depending on the nature of the alkaloids. Silica gel combined with an aqueous phase or a water-saturated organic solvent also allows for the domination of the partition mechanism, thanks to deactiva-tion of the surface silanol groups. The aqueous phases in such systems are often alkalized with aqueous ammonium hydroxide or acidified with hydrochloric acid.

Partition conditions, similar to paper chromatogra-phy, may be obtained by impregnating cellulose or silica gel with a solution of formamide in ethanol and using mobile phases immiscible with the stationary phase, such as chloroform, benzene, cyclohexane or their mixtures.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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