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Remember that only one of P or T can be specified when the mole fractions are specified. If composition and pressure are known, a rigorous solution of the temperature is found by solving the nonlinear equation:

However, if we use the pure component boiling points (Tbi), a crude and simple estimate can be computed as:

6. The molar enthalpy in the vapour phase is given as: hv,n = £i x^AHip1- # £i x-^CpvT - TbPi) where AHvbappi is the heat of vaporization for the pure component at its reference boiling temperature (Tbpi).

7. We assume that cPV is equal for all components, and then the second summation term above will become zero, and we have: hVn = £i xi>nAHbpp.

8. Then if AHbppp = AHvap is equal'for all components we get hVn = hVn-1 = AHvap, and thereby constant molar flows: Vn = Vn-1 and also Ln = Ln +1.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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