Operating Options

The system described earlier is not the only possible way to implement Prep-SFC. For instance, one can

Table 2

3 g (per injection on a 100 mm internal diameter column) x6 (injections per hour) x24 (hours per day) x4 (days per week)

Table 3

250 g (per injection on a 500 mm internal diameter column) x6 (injections per hour) x24 (hours per day) x 300 (days per year)

choose to regulate the flow rate by controlling the pump speed and to control the column outlet pressure by the depressurization valve. The carbon dioxide pressure in the traps can be reduced to atmospheric pressure and the condenser can be replaced by a compressor. It is also possible to add the modifier on the suction side of the main eluent pump.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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