C1j C2j C3

d Dc

Ez Cs

Pg Pi ug

Column cross-sectional area

Packing pressure drop Packing spreading factor Orifice flow coefficient Constants in pressure drop correlations Orifice diameter Column diameter Bed efficiency Vapour capacity factor, defined by

C = ug(Pg/(Pl — Pg))0'5 Gas density Liquid density Vapour velocity ft2

in in

ft s lbf"3 lbf"3 fts"1

G Gf


a a0


Qd Zb v

inches of liquid inches of liquid

Liquid head over distributor orifice Vapour pressure drop across liquid distributor

Vapour flow mass velocity lb ft~2 h_1 Vapour flow mass velocity lb ft"2 (in Robbins equation) Vapour flow Liquid mass flow Liquid mass flow Liquid mass flow at point i

Liquid average mass flow lb h lb ft lb ft gallons min"1 ft gallons min


Packing factor

HETP correlation factor

Number of measured points

(in distributor testing)

Height equivalent of a in theoretical plate

High of a transfer unit in

Liquid viscosity cP

Liquid specific gravity

Flow factor =

Vapour flow parameter. At flooding Y = Yf Flooding parameters, defined by eqns [10] and [11]

Packing surface area ft2 ft

Open area of one drip point Relative volatility Void fraction Surface tension Gravitational constant Number of theoretical stages

Reflux ratio Minimum reflux ratio Maldistribution originated % by the distributor design Total initial maldistribution% Effective bed %

maldistribution Liquid flow

Distributor quality Bed height Kinematic viscosity constant = ^l/Sg Ratio of the equilibrium curve slope to the operating line slope dynes cm 1 32.2 ft s"2

gallons min"1 %

See also: I/Distillation: Historical Development; Modelling and Simulation; Theory of Distillation; Tray Columns: Performance; Tray Columns: Performance; Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium; Correlation and Prediction; Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium: Theory.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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