Multidimensional Gas Chromatography

the sample must be analysed twice, but when used in a coupled column arrangement the advantages of both columns can be utilized simultaneously. This is the genesis of multidimensional chromatography.

Effective implementation of multidimensional methods for improved solute separation depends on a number of critical parameters. Firstly, each dimension should separate according to different physical or chemical properties of the analytes and we look to specific selectivity differences towards a problem separation. Secondly, an efficient means of interfacing the (two) separation modes is also required. Switching valves or other methods will be needed to redirect the flow stream from one column to another. This may be combined with a method for peak compression or peak focusing between the two dimensions. Finally, the compatibility of the two separation modes must be taken into account. This will depend upon the carrier fluid (gas, liquid) that is used for each mode, and the mechanism by which solutes are retained on each dimension. For example, multidimensional high performance liquid chromatography (MDHPLC) combining strictly normal and reversed-phase modes will present a challenge because of the incompatibility of the mobile phases required by the two modes.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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