Modelling and Simulation

Figure 1 Overall column model with external variables.

with the liquid entering the feed stage while feed vapour mixes with vapour leaving the stage (though special consideration is made for the vapour feed at the bottom of absorber/stripper columns). The distribution is found by an adiabatic flash of the feed at the feed stage pressure before the feed enters the column. Regardless of whether the feed is subcooled liquid or superheated vapour, or if true mixing occurs, the assumption of an equilibrium stage is maintained in most rigorous methods.

Figure 2 Model of stage variables.

Similar models are drawn for the bottom and top stages of any column, plus other equipment such as product withdrawal stages (stage p of Figure 2), pump-around returns and draws, and inter-reboilers and inter-condensers. Since a reflux, reboiler vapour, feeds, or returns are often subcooled, superheated, or very different in composition from the material on the stage, the assumption of an equilibrium stage rapidly becomes invalid.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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