Mo EM20

Figure 16 M vs. Zb/CD2. (Permission from Chemical Engineering Progress.)

measurement. The mathematical expression of the maldistribution is:

Assuming a maximum operational maldistribution Mop = 15%, and using a 90% distributor quality (Md = 33%), the total effective operating maldistribution at the top of the packing is Mo = (332 # 152)0'5 = 36.2.

The effective bed attenuated maldistribution is calculated by the following equation:

for each point area subdivision from i = 1 to i = n. The following is the correlation between distributor quality and its maldistribution:

With this Mbz value, the bed efficiency Ez may be obtained from Figure 17. The calculated bed efficiency should be used to correct the packing HETP and obtain the bed operating HETPop:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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