MDGC for Trace Enrichment

A capillary column has a limited sample capacity. Excessive amounts of sample lead to nonlinear conditions and broadened peaks are obtained. Such broadening can obscure small peaks of interest which elute with a similar retention factor to that of the large component, affecting quantification and identification of the trace solute. In MDGC, sample may be injected into a packed column which has a greater ability to maintain linear conditions at higher injected amounts. The zone of enriched trace component can then be heart-cut to a capillary column. Most of the major component will have to be excluded by the heart-cut event, and since now it does not overload the capillary column, there will be less probability that it overlaps the trace solute. Much more of the trace solute is passed to the capillary column than is otherwise possible. This application does not necessarily require different column phases on both the packed and capillary columns. The first column can be considered to be part of the sample introduction step into the second column.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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