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Alternatively, one can employ the 'bulk density', which is the ratio between the amount of the porous material, mtot, and the total volume occupied by the packed particles Vtot, including both the inter-particle volume, Vex, the particle volumes, Vtpot (total volume of the pores) and Vtsot (total solid volume):

In this instance, both the pbulk and sex depend on the degree of packing. The relative apparent density, Apapp can be obtained by combining eqns [33] and [37]:

From eqn [33] it is apparent that, in this case, one must know the value of sex under the same experimental conditions which pbulk was determined. Lacking this information, it is only possible to make a rough estimate of Apapp.

Fb Fg

L m mb meff mot p r tr aspect ratio width of the SPLITT channel diameter of the sphere cutoff diameter drag diameter diameter of an equivalent sphere diffusion coefficient electrical field frictional coefficient retrieval of a component from outlet a retrieval of a component from outlet b gravitational force frictional force gravity acceleration thickness of the transport layer high of a cylindrical particle length of the SPLITT channel real mass of a particle mass corrected for buoyancy effective mass total mass of all particles present in the container mass porosity radius of rotation crossing time, i.e. the time a particle takes to pass through the cross sectional area bh in the h-direction.

m m tot tot

Vp tot w

Papp pbulk

œ To particle migration velocity mean fluid velocity maximum fluid velocity total volumetric flow rate through cell volumetric flow rate at outlet a' volumetric flow rate at outlet b' volumetric flow rate at inlet a volumetric flow rate at inlet b volumetric flow rate of the transport region external volume between particles pore volume of a particle total pore volume for all the particles volume of the solid part of a particle total solid volume for all the particles volume of a sphere total volume occupied by all particles present in the container total volume of a particle thickness of the SPLITT channel thickness of the fluid lamina between wall

A and ISP

thickness of the transport region magnetic susceptibility of the carrier magnetic susceptibility of a particle internal porosity suspension viscosity carrier viscosity electrophoretic mobility apparent density bulk density density of the liquid density of the spherical particle angular velocity dimensionless diffusion time

See also: II/Particle Size Separation: Field Flow Fractionation: Electric Fields; Theory and Instrumentation of Field Flow Fractionation. III/Polymers: Field Flow Fractionation.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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