Liquid Mixing Redistribution and Maximum Bed Height

Initial liquid distribution is essential to achieve good packed tower efficiency. Hoek suggested that at a given flow rate, each packing has its natural distribution determined by its radial spreading coefficient. Although this effect does spread the initial liquid distribution, this effect is not sufficient to correct poor initial distribution. Radial concentration gradients already established at the top of the bed cannot be compensated by additional packing. The result is permanent efficiency loss.

Figure 8 POH distributor. (Courtesy of Norton Chemical Process Products Corp.)

In general, if a good distribution is established at the top of the bed, the packing will develop its natural distribution and maintain it for bed depths of 10 NTS or more. Columns requiring more than 10 NTS per section should be subdivided into several packing beds to maintain coefficient HETP values. Liquid redistribution, and often mixing, are required between these bed sections.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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