The application of electric fields to planar chromatographic media in order to drive and/or enhance separations is as old as planar chromatography itself. There is evidence to suggest that paper electrophor-esis was first performed several years prior to the first reports of paper chromatography. Research in the field has been intermittent, with periods of considerable activity separated by long periods of inactivity. This is at least partly due to attention being diverted away from planar methods to modern high-efficiency column techniques. It is quite conceivable that modern chromatography would be very different, with a much stronger focus on planar techniques, had more development work been carried out on thin layer electrochromatography (TLE).

The subject is enjoying something of a revival with significant advances having been made during the

1990s. If this trend continues, planar electrochromatography may take its place as a powerful tool in the modern analytical laboratory offering new modes of separation at speeds that are currently unavailable in conventional thin-layer chromatography (TLC).

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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