Instrumental Requirements

The separation system, column, detector and separation conditions are similar in CC and in conventional chromatography. Nonlinearity of both the column and the detector, and poor stability, i.e. changing chromatographic conditions during the procedure, influence the correlation procedure, resulting in a disturbed baseline. Modern chromatographic systems fulfil the stringent demands of CC in this respect. An important modification is the special injection device required. Such a device has to meet several demanding requirements such as high reproduci-bility, absence of memory effects, high switching speeds, rugged design (no wear and tear problems) and controllability by a computer. Incorrect injection will cause disturbances (ghost peaks) are specific relative positions on the time axis, and in general cause so-called 'correlation noise' proportional to the amplitude of the real peaks. This therefore limits the determination of traces in the presence of the main components. Injection of sample for one clock period of the PRBS ideally results in an amount of sample transported to the column that is solely dependent on the value of the PRBS in the clock period concerned; 1 represents injection of sample and 0 represents no injection of sample. However, in general the injection is not ideal. After each 0 to 1 transition less than 100% of the ideal amount of sample is injected; and after each 1 to 0 transition a percentage of the sample is still fed into the column. This phenomenon gives rise to PRBSs shifted in time, resulting in the ghost peaks mentioned. Disturbances due to nonsymmetric and reproducible nonideal injection can be corrected. A reliable, accurate and simple injection system, meeting all demands of correlation LC, is obtainable. It is based on a common 8-port or 10-port LC valve, two equal sample loops and a valve actuator.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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