Innovative ESP Designs

Several new means have been developed to facilitate collection of submicron and highly resistive particles by ESPs.

Pulse energization is discussed above (see Current density). By superimposing a brief, high voltage pulse on a DC voltage set just below the back corona level, efficient fine particle charging and collection are obtained with highly resistive dusts.

Enhanced particle agglomeration can also facilitate fine particle collection. For instance, Kanazawa et al. have accentuated particle agglomeration with a precharging section, in which the gas stream is divided and particles in the two sub-streams given either a positive or a negative charge. On recombin-ing the sub-streams, particles agglomerate through electrostatic attraction. Watanabe et al. have devised an alternative method utilizing a three sector design. Large particles are removed in the first ESP sector. A 'modified quadrupole' electrode system in the second sector applies an AC field to enhance particle collision, hence agglomeration. The third section is again a conventional ESP, which removes the agglomerated particles.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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