Important Characteristics

The technique of Prep-SFC is best described by comparing it with Prep-HPLC and the emerging simulated moving bed (SMB) technique, an implementation of countercurrent continuous chromatography.

Prep-HPLC is a very useful tool in the field of highperformance separations. The technique's high flexibility and efficiency means that most separation problems can be solved technically (but not necessarily economically). The main drawback of Prep-HPLC is the huge quantity of expensive solvent that needs to be used. Several strategies have been proposed to eliminate the solvent problem. One of them is SMB which cuts solvent use by up to 10-fold, but needs a higher level of economic investment and is limited to binary separations. Another is Prep-SFC, which reduces the solvent required by a factor of five to 20 (if a modifier is used), or uses no solvent at all (if no modifier is used) but also involves a high level of economic investment and has a limited range of applications.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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