Homogeneous Medium

Mechanical and chemical effects caused by cavitation fall into three different processes (Figure 3). First, the cavitation bubble contains solvent vapour which is subject to high temperatures and pressures on collapsing. This promotes the formation of reactive species, e.g. radicals. For example, when water is used as solvent the following reactions take place:

H2OPH • # • OH H • # OH • PH2O H• # H• PH2 OH• # OH• PH2O2 H • # O2PHO2 • H• # O2PHO2• H • # H02 • PH2O2 H02 • +H02 • pH2O2#O2

Second, surface-active reagents can accumulate at the interface between the bubble and the bulk liquid. Finally, in the surrounding of the bubble, an intense shock wave will be produced causing enormous shear forces.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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