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Here, Hw is the weir height in metres, p is the pitch of the holes in the sieve plate in metres, FP = (uj/ug)^(pi/pg) is the flow parameter, b is the weir length per unit bubbling area in metres_1.

The discharge coefficient, CD in eqn [4] is a function of the flow conditions near a hole. It is in fact dependent on the liquid present on the tray. It is correlated by:

All of the quantities appearing on the right-hand side have been defined previously.

Pressure Drop Calculation in the Liquid Phase

The liquid is transported down through the down-comer. The capacity of the downcomer should be sufficient to handle the liquid load without becoming the rate limiting factor, i.e. without the liquid backing up the downcomer to a significant extent. Figure 1B shows the pressure differential components making up the total head differential on the liquid side as the liquid backs up the downcomer to a height of hdc. The extent of liquid back-up can be estimated from:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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