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Figure 7 Plot of time necessary to ascend 4 cm versus percentage of water in mixtures of methanol/water and acetonit-rile/water. acetonitrile; O, methanol. Plate LiChrosorb RP-18 (7 |im).

The value of cos 6' decreases rapidly as the percentage of water increases. When 6' is close to 90° the solvent is unable to ascend the plate. Even when using a relatively nonviscous organic solvent such as acetonitrile, 30% of water is the upper limit.

In Figure 7, the variation of 4 cm development time with percentage of water is reported, showing the very steep rise of the curve. Analysis may last more than 1 h, which is undesirable. The differences that occur with chain length are rather small but the sequence RP 2 < RP 8 < RP 18 is observed. A compromise between the extended hydrophobicity of a totally modified RP phase and the strong hy-drophilic character of unmodified silica has been found with layers prepared with a lower degree of silanization. These layers are completely water wett-able (WF plates) and permit the ascent of mobile phases with high water content.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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