Headspace Gas Chromatography

Figure 1 A headspace vial containing a liquid sample with a volatile analyte. Concentrations of the volatile analyte, CG in the gas phase, CS in the liquid phase; mass of the volatile analyte, WG in the gas phase, WS in the liquid phase; VG, volume of the gas phase; VS, volume of the liquid sample; K partition coefficient; k, mass ratio; p, phase ratio.

chromatogram is proportional to the gas-phase concentration (A cc CG) and depends on the phase ratio (P). However, it depends not only on the sample volume ( VS), but also on the partition coefficient (K), as described by eqn [1]. This is the key relationship for static HS-GC:

The partition coefficient depends on both the temperature and volume. These two parameters strongly influence headspace sensitivity and are conditions that can easily be selected by the operator.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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