Gas (air) rate is an effective parameter to control separation since the probability of particle collision

Figure 3 Example of differential feed-underflow bias control loop. LCV, level control device; LY, level D/A signal conversion; LIC, level indicator and control; FT, flow transmitter; MAG, magnetic flow detector.

with bubbles is dependent on the number of bubbles and their size distribution. The maximum particle surface flux removed depends on bubble surface area flux. As surface area flux increases, so does the probability of material-bubble aggregation (collection) within a specific range. This range is bounded by the increased mixing intensity as flooding limits are approached and the increase in bubble size that is usually associated with an increase in gas flow. The total removal capacity, known as carrying capacity, can also be controlled by the gas rate since it is proportional to the specific bubble surface area. The carrying capacity is determined as the maximum amount of material which can be transported into froth in unit time from a unit cross-sectional area of a column. It varies depending on particle size (for solid separation) and density of the floating substance. The carrying capacity can be estimated from the balance of the available bubble surface area and particle surface flux. The normal range of superficial air velocity is 1.0-2.5 cm s_1. In buoyant material separations, high gas rates may reduce the three-phase density of the aqueous suspension within the column to a density lower than that of the product. This will cause an unstable pad that will sink if not quickly removed from the system.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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