Saturated vapour leaving the stage with equilibrium mole fraction y and molar enthalpy hv (7", x)

Liquid entering the stage (xL ln, hLjn)




Perfect mixing in each phase

Liquid phase

Vapour entering the stage (Kv. .A, J Saturated liquid leaving the stage with equilibrium mole fraction x and enthalpy hL{T, x}

Figure 1 Equilibrium-stage concept.

If the pressure (P) and Nc — 1 liquid compositions or For ideal mixtures that satisfy Raoult's law we have: mole fractions (x) are used as degree of freedom, then the mole fractions (y) in the vapour phase and the temperature (T) are determined, provided that two phases are present. The general VLE relation can then be written:

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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