Detectors Evaporative Light Scattering

Figure 1 An evaporative light-scattering detector.

particles which in turn will be controlled by the size of the droplets generated by the nebulizer.

The average diameter of the droplets (D0) in micron that is formed in a concentric nebulizer is given by the following equation:


Qg J

where ai is the surface tension of the mobile phase, pi is the density of the mobile phase, y]i is the viscosity of the mobile phase, u is the relative velocity of the gas and liquid streams, Qi is the volume flow of mobile phase, Q2 is the volume flow of the nebulizing gas and A and B are constants, taking values of 585 and 597.

The relationship between the mean solid particle diameter (Ds) and the mean droplet diameter (Do) is given by:

where c is the concentration of solid solute in the eluent, and P2 is the density of the solid solute Thus:

Aff1/2 up1/2


Now it is the magnitude of Ds, the number of particles per unit volume and the wavelength of the laser light that determine the intensity of light scattered at a particular angle to the incident beam.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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