Detection and Quantification of Substances on Paper Chromatograms or Electropherograms

As in TLC, following separation the papers are removed from the developing chamber and dried. Coloured spots were visualized directly without difficulty, whilst those that fluoresce under UV irradiation were also detected relatively easily. In the case of colourless compounds, many of the visualization procedures, of varying degrees of specificity, currently used for this purpose in TLC were also used for detection after paper chromatographic separation, using either spraying or dipping. Although considered primitive by comparison with modern methods, separations on paper were also used for quantitative assays in addition to qualitative work. As with other planar methods, varying degrees of sophistication were employed, from comparison of the size of spots compared to a standard, cutting out the bands/spots and eluting the analytes for subsequent spectroscopic determination (i.e. UV, visible or fluorescence measurements) all the way up to the use of den-sitometry (with accuracies of +5%).

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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