Descending Paper Chromatography

The descending method of chromatogram development was that originally proposed by Martin and his co-workers. In descending paper chromatography the upper end of the paper is immersed in a solvent contained in a suspended trough so that the flow, initiated as in the ascending mode by capillary action, is sustained by gravity and will continue so long as there is solvent to feed it. This had the useful consequence that a sheet of any (practical) length could be used. In addition, the solvent could be allowed to run off the end of the paper, thus extending the chromatographic run if needed to improve resolution, or enabling compounds to be eluted from the paper and collected for further experiments. The results obtained for a particular sample/solvent system combination run in either ascending or descending mode were usually similar; however, the latter was generally faster.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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