Data Collection and Output System

A data collection and output device (e.g. computer, integrator, or recorder) is connected to the electronic output of the detector. The data-collection device takes the electronic signal produced by the detector and outputs a plot of response versus time. This resulting chromatogram can then be evaluated for both qualitative and quantitative information. Recorders are rarely used today on their own. Both integrators and computers can integrate the peaks of a chromatogram and have the added advantage of being able to store chromatograms for post-collection processing. The data from computer-based collection systems can also be exported to other software programs and around the world by e-mail or over the Internet. In addition, the computer is typically able to communicate with and control the entire HPLC system. Hence, the majority of modern HPLC systems are fitted with computer control, data collection, and output systems.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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