Criteria for Evaluation

Since in solvent selection problems, one is looking for alternatives that match approximately the desirable solvent functions but not the undesirable solvent effects, numerical values of properties can be used to evaluate candidate solvents. Based on the identified separation task, the question of which properties (target properties) should be considered in defining the solvent functions and what should be the property values (target values) is addressed in this step. The exact target values for the target properties are obtained by trial and error. However, if a known solvent is being substituted, then the target values are obtained from the solvent that needs to be substituted. In Table 2, two types of criteria for evaluation are shown - simple and general. As simple, the minimum number of properties that may define the desired solvent properties for each solvent based separation is highlighted, while as general, a comprehensive list of properties is highlighted.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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