Control of Mycotoxins

The control of mycotoxins is summarized in Figure 2. The interventions that may be employed for the con trol of mycotoxins are prevention of contamination, identification and segregation of contaminated material (quality control, monitoring and legislation), and detoxification.

Preventative measures that militate against the onset of biodeterioration and, subsequently, the production of moulds and mycotoxins, may be introduced throughout the commodity system. However, the preharvest control of biodeterioration is somewhat

Figure 2 The mycotoxin control system.

compromised by our inability to control the climate! Attempts have been made to prevent preharvest contamination by breeding for resistance to moulds and by 'biocontrol' methods, involving the introduction, to the field, of atoxigenic strains of competing fungi. After harvest, it is important that the crop is dried to a 'safe' moisture level (which will not support the growth of moulds and mycotoxins) as quickly as possible.

The identification and segregation of mycotoxin-contaminated material may be pursued through quality control and regulatory procedures. More than 50 countries currently impose legal limits on the occurrence of mycotoxins (especially the aflatoxins) in foods and feeds.

Commercial detoxification plants, for the treatment of aflatoxin-contaminated groundnut meal, are currently operating in Senegal, France and the UK. The chemical detoxification reagent that is most widely used is ammonia, both as an anhydrous vapour and an aqueous solution.

If the package of control procedures described above is to be successfully implemented, it is essential that it is underpinned by an integrated package of sampling, sample preparation and analytical procedures.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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