Constant Optimal Zone Length in All Passes

For constant zone length Y1^n in all passes, dY1^n/dZ = 0 and Y1 = Y2 = ... = Yn. In this case, eqns (1)-(7) still apply with Yn(Z) substituted by Y1^n. The optimal zone lengths Yf^n for maximum solute removal Fn(Y*^n) in «-passes were obtained as follows. First, Cn(Z,Y1^n) was obtained from eqns (1) and (2) numerically with M sections and with the use of eqns (3) and (4) as well as the given value of Y1^n. Fn(Y1^n) was then calculated from eqns (9) and (10) and finally, Y*^n was obtained from the requirement, dFnY^J/dY^n = 0.

The optimal values of Y*^n are shown in Figure 3 as a function of k with pass number n.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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