Despite its simple design, the scale-up and modelling of column flotation is a complex problem. It includes analysis of three-phase three-dimensional flow in collection and cleaning zones and in the washed thick froth layer. In the last few years, a technique for column design has been developed. Its adequacy has been confirmed by many columns installed worldwide for a wide range of mineral and other applications.

Z. Xu, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Flotation is a versatile, surface wettability-based separation process, usually taking place in an aqueous medium. In flotation, a water-repellent (hydropho-bic) target to be separated is attached to a carrier lighter than the medium in which separation occurs. The target varies from fine particulates (solid or

Special attention should be paid to the carrying capacity of air bubbles and to secondary upgrading in the froth.

Design of air-sparging systems, feed distributors and also froth discharge systems is critically important for successful column operation.

Unconventional design and use of pre-aeration systems are the main trends in flotation column development at present.

See also: II/Flotation: Column Cells.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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