Chiral separation is one of the fields where SFC is recognized to have better characteristics than HPLC, both from a kinetic and sometimes thermodynamic point of view.

In general, SFC offers faster separations than LC and often better selectivity values (particularly with cellulosic and amylosic polymer-type chiral stationary phases, and also with brush-type CSPs in particular cases). Consequently, SFC should be considered as a powerful analytical tool for the separation of basic and acidic drugs.

Capillary columns should be chosen for the analysis of chiral compounds having a low or medium polarity. On the other hand, packed columns are preferred for analytes of high polarity for which a polar modifier must be added to the supercritical carbon dioxide mobile phase.

Currently, to meet the requirements of quality control laboratories, most analyses are performed with packed columns. This is mainly due to the progress in

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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