For decades, TLC has proven its advantages as a fast, inexpensive, reliable as well as highly reproducible technology in the analysis of bile, bile acids and bile acid derivatives. Especially in bile acid and cholesterol analysis several separation and detection systems have been developed which have shown convincing sensitivity and overall resolution.

Solvent systems allowing the simultaneous detection of bile acids, cholesterol and drug metabolites in a one-step analysis give a significant time advantage at reduced cost. In addition, the separation system and overall conditions can easily be adapted to the respective analytical problem in most cases.

Although the quantitative detection of phos-pholipids in bile does not play a key role in bile

Table 3 Solvent systems for phospholipid separation on silica gel plates

System 1 Chloroform Methanol Ammonia (conc.)

System 2 Petroleum ether Chloroform Methanol Acetic acid

System3 Cyclohexane Isopropanol Double-distilled water

Room temperature

Room temperature

Room temperature analysis at the moment, there is still a need to develop accurate TLC methods for detailed separation of these lipids. Further investigations on the use of new TLC materials in the quantitative analysis of bile components are needed, as well as the adaptation of TLC methods to automated devices. Nevertheless, compared to other analytical tools TLC is the method of choice for fast routine use.

See also: N/Chromatography: Thin-Layer (Planar):

Densitometry; Layers; Mass Spectrometry; Spray Reagents. III/Bile Acids: Liquid Chromatography; Gas Chromatography. Clinical Diagnosis: Chromatography. Lipids: Liquid Chromatography; Gas Chromatography; Thin-Layer (Planar) Chromatrography. Neonatal Meta

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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