True electrochemical interactions between sulfide minerals on industrial size plants are thought not to be of practical significance, except when physical contact between dissimilar sulfides exists (middlings), and/or at high pulp densities, high sulfide concentrations in the flotation feed, and high water conductivities. More importantly, sulfide minerals are found to interact through competitive adsorption of activating ions, the reduction of oxygen levels in the flotation pulp, and froth modifying activity of mineral oxidation products. Middlings particles, composed of two or more sulfides, do however experience electrochemical interaction, the result of which appears to be an enhancement of floatability, leading to a reduction in concentrate grades. The solution to such a problem is however more to be sought in comminution technology than electrochemical intercession.

Oxidative potential control offers advantages in industrial flotation separations, but its effect does not appear to be an interference with electrochemical mineral interactions.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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