Comprehensive Equation Describing Electrophoretic Mobility of Proteins Migrating in a Linear PA Gradient

As explained above, the velocity with which a protein migrates in a linear PA gradient gel depends on its apparent free electrophoretic mobility times a retardation factor (eqn [27]):

where v is the migration velocity (m s"1), T (%) is the PA concentration which the migrating protein of mobility vhas reached and Tmax (%) represents the exclusion limit of the migrating protein.

Since U = / x E"1 (m2V"1s"1), it follows that:

vxE"1 = Ux[1-(TxTm1x)]i (m V"1 s"1) [53]

U is defined by eqn [32] as equivalent to:

with the definitions given above.

Using all this information, a complete description of the electrophoretic mobility of proteins migrating in a linear PA gradient gel can then be given by the equation:

vxE"1 = (Zx g) x (6 xrexy xRS)"1 x (X1(kxRs))

x (1 + (k xRs))"1 x [1 — (TxTJ)]' (m2(Vs)"1)

with the definitions as given above.

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Solar Panel Basics

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