Combination of Planar Chromatography with Mass Spectrometry MS

For the in situ identification of compounds separated on a TLC plate, molecules must be desorbed from the layer and then introduced into the ion source of the mass spectrometer. Such desorption can be accomplished by laser ablation or particle beam sputtering techniques. Ionization methods include conventional chemical ionization (CI), fast atom bombardment (FAB), liquid secondary-ion mass spectrometry (liquid-SIMS), and matrix-assisted laser desorp-tion/ionization (MALDI). Mass analysers are either sector field, quadrupole or time of flight (TOF) instruments. The principal limitation of the interesting TLC-MS hyphenation is that there is no MS instrument available that takes 10 cmx 10 cm or larger plates.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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