Cleaning Zone

The purpose of this zone is to buffer the froth zone from the turbulence of the feed port. It is located above the feed port and below the interface with the froth. It is characterized by rising bubbles that may be highly loaded with solids rising from the collection zone and falling solids that have been entrained in the bubbles' wake, or have been rejected in the froth zone by loss of bubble surface area. If a sufficient amount of wash water is used, this zone may have a net downward flow of slurry. Only a limited number of previously uncollected particles occurs in this zone due to the turbulent mixing or entrainment. Since collection of these particles can also occur in the collection zone, the height of the cleaning zone should be minimized but must be sufficient to allow damping of the feed turbulence below the froth interface.

In some circumstances the cleaning zone is the overflow point of the float product. This occurs when there is no froth zone either because a froth cannot be maintained in a solids float, or because a liquid-liquid separation is being performed. In the latter case an organic pad may be present.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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