Chromatography Mass Spectrometry

Regulatory issues and requirements for good laboratory practice affect all users of analytical methods such as chromatography-mass spectrometry. Details and procedures for each user, company, or institution become part of the proper way of conducting scientific business for that organization, defined by tradition and regulation. Here, the causes and impacts of several overarching data storage and archiving issues are discussed. GC-MS is again used as the example, but of course the general issues apply to any form of chromatography-mass spectrometry.

The product of a GC-MS analysis is data. There is no collection of vials that represents a collection of compounds separated from a complex mixture. The sample aliquot analysed by the instrument is destroyed, leaving only measurement data as residue. Often, only a small fraction of that data appears in hard copy form for perusal by the analyst, who may receive a paper copy of a TIC trace, print-outs of a few selected mass spectra, and tabulated results of an automatic library search for each of these mass spectra. Each of these outputs is calculated as needed from the original data set, which is preserved within the data system, along with relevant parameters of instrument operation, calibration, and certification. Often there are several layers of safeguards that prevent post-analysis changes to the original data set. Further, in some instances a duplicate copy of the master data set is recorded remotely, while all postrun processing occurs from a local copy of the data. The backup of the data occurs automatically without operator intervention. The rapid growth of GC-MS, coupled with the more rapid growth of regulation, implies that the sheer volume of this form of data will predictably overwhelm attempts to logically archive or access it.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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