We know that S predicted by this expression is somewhat too large because of the linearized VLE. However, we may correct it such that it satisfies the exact relationship S = aN at infinite reflux (where Lb/Vb = Vt/Lt = 1 and c= 1) by dropping the factor 1/(xHFyLF) (which as expected is always larger than 1). At finite reflux, there are even more stages in the feed region and the formula will further overestimate the value of S. However, since c > 1 at finite reflux, we may partly counteract this by setting c = 1. Thus, we delete the term c and arrive at the final extended Fenske formula, where the main assumptions are that we have constant relative volatility, constant molar flows and that there is no pinch zone around the feed (i.e. the feed is optimally located):

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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