Blocker Specific CSPs

In the mid-1980s, some of the principles of CSP design were becoming fairly well understood in the Pirkle laboratories, and attempts were made to design selectors for particular target racemates of significant scientific and economic importance.

For example, the enantiomers of the ^-blocker drug propranolol had been shown to be marginally resolved on the DNB phenylglycine-derived CSP structure [II] as any of a variety of N-acylated derivatives.

A research programme directed at developing a phase capable of separating the enantiomers of un-derivatized propranolol enantiomers was undertaken. A group of three CSPs were designed, prepared, evaluated, and shown to separate the enantiomers of propranolol with the elution order predicted by the chiral recognition model. Several other ^-blockers were similarly resolved, however, the poor chromatographic efficiency of these materials limited their practical utility.

In an effort to overcome this obstacle, a group of amino phosphonic acid-derived CSPs were prepared and shown to provide improved resolution of prop-ranolol. Consequently, CSP structure [XII] was prepared, evaluated, and found to provide very good resolution for the enantiomers of propranolol and a number of related ^-blockers. This stationary phase was commercialized as the a-Burke I CSP. Subsequent minor improvements in the tethering chemistry led to an improved version commercialized as the a-Burke II CSP (structure [XII]).

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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