Bipolar Membranes and Membrane Processes

H. Strathmann, University of Twente, The Netherlands Copyright © 2000 Academic Press

Bipolar membranes are gaining increasing attention as an efficient tool for the production of acids and bases from the corresponding salts by electrodialytic water dissociation. The process is economically very attractive and has a multitude of interesting potential applications. The large scale utilization of bipolar membranes, however, is still limited today by unsatisfactory membrane properties and by a lack of application know-how. A bipolar membrane should have adequate water dissociation capability, low electrical resistance, high permselectivity and a long useful life under operat ing conditions, which means that it must be stable in highly concentrated acid or alkaline solutions. The monopolar anion and cation exchange membranes which are also needed in the process should have good proton and hydroxide ion-blocking capability in addition to stability in strong bases and acids.

Although today's membranes do not meet all of these required properties, they are used successfully in a number of relevant applications.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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