Benzoyl Cellulose Beads in the Pure Polymeric Form

Francotte and co-workers developed this type of chiral stationary phase. These materials are cellulose esters of aromatic acids in the form of almost spherical, partially crystalline particles with a good mechanical stability.

To characterize these phases, a broad variety of product classes on experimental batches of benzoyl-and p-methylbenzoyl cellulose beads have been examined. Methanol, ethanol and «-hexane-2-pro-panol were used as the eluent and the results obtained were compared with data measured under the same experimental conditions on the corresponding physically coated materials (Chiralcel OB and Chiralcel

In general, much higher retention values are observed on the pure cellulose derivatives compared to the values measured on the corresponding coated stationary phases. This observation is logical, because the physically coated phases only contain about 20 weight percent of the cellulose derivative. For the investigated product series, in most cases smaller retention values were measured for methanol than for ethanol as the mobile phase. Furthermore, most products also demonstrated the highest resolution values when methanol was used as the eluent.

For some of the substances tested, practically no difference in resolution was observed between the pure cellulose material and the coated phases, while other product classes were always better separated on the commercially available columns.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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