Assignment of Absolute Configurations by Enantioselective GC

The determination of absolute configurations of chiral analytes is an important task in enantiomer analysis. Absolute configurations of minute amounts of chiral samples may be determined directly, and free of chiroptical evidence, by GC via co-injection of reference compounds with known stereochemistry. Absolute configurations may also be predicted indirectly by empirical rules that correlate the absolute configuration and the order of elution for enantiomers belonging to homologous series of compounds. Although consistent relationships between the order of elution and absolute configuration of congeners have been observed in many instances, remarkable inconsistencies are also known. As a rule, such comparisons, if any, should be restricted to measurements at the same temperature since peak inversion (second kind) may occur at different temperatures as the result of enthalpy versus entropy compensation or multimodal chiral recognition mechanisms. Therefore, the assignment of absolute configurations by GC can be ambiguous.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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