Air Pulp Ratio

The air-to-pulp ratio (the ratio of the volumetric flow rates of air and pulp) in Jameson cells is usually in the range 0.3-0.9. Experiences with large (2-3 m diameter) Jameson cells indicate that operation at a low air/pulp ratio does not detract from metallurgical performance providing the superficial gas velocity Jg is maintained above 0.4 cm s"1. Operation at lower air/pulp ratios has a stabilizing effect producing a finer, more uniform bubble size. A significant advantage of operation at lower air/feed ratios is that lower concentrations of frother are required.

The flux of interfacial area for a given gas rate varies directly as the gas flow rate and inversely as the bubble size. Thus the flux of bubble surface area, interfacial area per unit area of column cross-section per unit time, can be maintained with reduced superficial gas rate, providing the bubble size decreases accordingly.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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