Airborne Samples Solid Phase Extraction

Several studies have also indicated the presence of a 'positive' artifact in the determination of particulate organic compounds collected on a quartz filter, due to the adsorption of gas phase organic compounds by the quartz filter during sampling. Data obtained using sampling systems with two quartz filters in series suggest that quartz filters collect at least some gas phase organic compounds. In addition, particulate material collected on a filter can also absorb some gas phase organic compounds. The adsorption of organic compounds by a second quartz filter has been shown to be reduced, but not eliminated, in samples collected in the Los Angeles Basin if a multi-channel diffusion denuder with quartz filter material as the denuder collection surface precedes the quartz filters. This artifact can be eliminated by the use of activated charcoal at the denuder surface. Recent experiments have shown that the quartz filter artifact can result both from the collection of gas phase organic compounds and from the collection of semi-volatile organic compounds lost from particles during sampling. Thus, results available to date suggest that both a 'positive' and a 'negative' artifact can be present in the determination of particulate phase organic compounds using two tandem quartz filters.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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